пятница, 21 октября 2011 г.

Mistletoe xoxoxo

Merry Christmas anticipation! :)
This is the unique and totally handmade - handfelted and handstitched - set of proper winter gear, warm mittens and neckwarmer in hues of green, with bunches of mistletoe berries and leaves. It's made (wet felted) of super fine Italian merino wool. Mittens have been shaped on my own palm while still wet, so they sit comfortably. Neckwarmer has the big old reused button, it's very comfy and cozy. And IS very festive, too!

Measurements: neckwarmer is 24"x7,4".
Mittens are 9,8" long and rather S to M size, will fit palm girth up to 9,5".

четверг, 20 октября 2011 г.

Bombelki, magic polka dot bright red and navy blue handbag+scarf art set

This is a cozy large scarf + handbag art set in red - blue - light violet color combination, with those magic circles :) The set is wet felted, scarf's been made of super fine Italian merino wool, the bag is made of locally manufactured Russian troitskaya wool, for it's more sturdy than merino and won't wear out quickly. Scarf has a fringe with handmade polymer clay beads modeled by me.
The handbag actually is pretty solid and tightly felted, will keep the initial shape, is drizzle and snow resistant, perfect for all those gray dark winter days (cheer up!), furnished with a magnet button snap.

Approximate measurements:
scarf : 156x26 cm --> 61,4"x10,2" without fringe.
bag: 34x36 cm --> 13,3"x14,1".