воскресенье, 15 июля 2012 г.

Some of the recent shawls. The green one is a definite energy-booster, extremely bright and cheerful color mix.
On the contrary, the lilac and  blue one is subdued, cool and calm. 
The green shawl measures  170x35 cm ---> 66,9"x13,7".
The blue is  138x32 cm ---> 54,3"x12,5".
Length of fleece locks 18-20 cm ---> 7-7,8" (extra long).

четверг, 12 июля 2012 г.

Abstract flowers

"Star flowers", abstract large and medium size brooches, are made of stirdy Merino wool and pieces of fine lace,  and are absolutely seamless. The lace was felted together with the wool and got organically entangled with wool fibers, firmly attached  to the body of the flower. 
Diameter varies from 17 to 20 cm ---> 6,6" to 7,8".

пятница, 6 июля 2012 г.


Three new and entirely different  pieces.. 

This one is called "Blueberry chocolate" and is made of superfine soft Merino wool of fine dark chocolate color. The scarf is decorated on one side with patches of natural Margilan silk, claret and deep blue Tussah silk threads, and cute curly fleece locks. Measures approximately 160x26 cm ---> 62,9"x10,2".

This very large cozy shawl in pastel shades  is called "Barcelona". It's made of fine undyed Merino wool of raw oatmeal color, and covered all over with multicolor Tussah, Muga silk and viscose threads on the flip side.  The wrap has a fringe of fabulous long and colorful fleece locks. Measures 157x35 cm ---> 61,8"x13,7".

This one is a fun striped skinny scarf made of superfine Merino. It's covered with lovely glossy viscose threads on one side. Measures 222x12 cm ---> 87,4"x4,7".

воскресенье, 1 июля 2012 г.


Here come some new pieces -- nunofelted shawls with wonderful texture combinations and a fringe of cute curly  fleece locks. They both are double sided, one side is velvety and warm, another's silk and glossy.

This one is ivory and golden, with crispy white fleece. Extremely airy and lightweight, very delicate..
Measures 158x33 cm ---> 62,2"x12,9".

This wrap is chocolate and oatmeal. It's more thick than the previous one, hence warmer, but still very soft and easy to drape. Measures  160x35 cm ---> 62,9"x13,7".