понедельник, 20 августа 2012 г.

понедельник, 13 августа 2012 г.

Something new

The "Butterfly dance" scarf.

196x17-29 cm ---> 77,1"x6,6"-11,4" (the widest part). 

"Foxberry" nunofelted scarf.
Approximate measurements: 172x27 cm ---> 67,7"x10,6" (without the silk fringe); the fringe is approx. 7-13 cm long ---> 2,7"-5,1" long.

Big buttoned "Tricolour" bag/shoulder purse.
Approximate measurements: 35x23 cm ---> 13,7"x9". The cord is approx. 40 cm long ---> 15,7" long.

пятница, 3 августа 2012 г.

Cobwebs, clouds and poplar leaves

This is my brand new "Head in the clouds" scarf, made out of sky blue Merino wool and undyed silk cocoons. Approximate measurements: 179x23 cm ---> 70,4"x9".

And this is just a cobweb. It's made of British Wensleydale breed wool. Fibers of this wool are extremely long, glossy and curly. Decorated with strokes of golden Muga silk. It is huge, 240x30 cm ---> 94,4"x11,8".

This scarf is called "Poplar", it's made of mint color superfine Merino and decorated with patches of delicate green Margilan silk. It also has got those shimmering Mulberry silk threads.