пятница, 20 января 2012 г.

Curly Cowl, oatmeal

This one is an elegant seamless hand felted cowl in shades of gray, very warm and cozy. It was made out of British Bluefaced Leicester wool and tussah silk, and decorated with gorgeous undyed Wensleydale fleece locks. It is extremely soft and easy to drape, also double sided -- one side is wool, another is shimmering silk, the absolutely adorable smooth texture. All the materials I've used are 100% natural, including the soap this piece was wet felted with.

Measurements: 26 cm w x 30 cm h --> 10,2" w x 11,8" h, rather S-M size.
Fringe locks are 10-12 cm --> 3,9"-4,7" long.

Happy Warm Wedding

This luxurious ivory nuno felted shawl is made of pure undyed British Wensleydale wool. One side of it is covered all over with smooth and shiny tussah silk threads, so the shawl has absolutely gorgeous combination of woolen and silk textures, supplemented with the fine white and golden lace.
This wrap is totally seamless -- the lace was felted together with wool without any stitching.
It would surely make a perfect accessory for the Winter Wedding! :-)

Approximate measurements: 150x30 cm --> 59"x11,8" without lace fringe.

суббота, 14 января 2012 г.

The lush mittens

This is a mini collection of warm and lovely elbow length mittens decorated with pompon clusters and needle felted patterns. They are extremely cozy and chic, and what is more, they're REALLY warm - a pleasure to wear on a gloomy wintry day. Mittens are designed and hand felted by me, pompons were made by hand as well, each shaped between my palms carefully.
The Blue, Foxy and Mustard ones were made of high quality merino wool, very soft, comfortable and durable. The Natural Gray and Ivory are made of British BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) breed wool, which is not as tender as merino, but also quite soft and durable -- enjoy the pure undyed color combinations, isn't it lovely!

Measurements: length 45-47 cm --> 18,1". Width 10-11 cm lying flat. Fit palm girth up to 25 cm --> 9,4" (measuring without a thumb).