суббота, 17 декабря 2011 г.

"Volga" Cowl

"The philosophy of fleece" continues with another curly cowl "Volga" in light delicate violet and shades of blue and faded green. It is double sided and can be worn in many different ways - upside down, inside out, whatever one likes it. One side is decorated all over with mulberry silk threads, though it's not only for decoration, but also for  obtaining an extremely smooth texture, shimmering and pleasant to touch. Another side has a strokes of light blue viscose on it. The size is standard, 28x30 cm --> 11"x11,8".

пятница, 16 декабря 2011 г.

Black marble purse

This is a wet felted shoulder purse made of Wensleydale sheep wool and decorated with the big handmade polymer clay button, modeled and varnished over by me.
The bag is quite spacious, measures 26x40 cm --> 10,2" tall x 15,7" wide (the bottom). Secured with a velcro fastener. The cord is 57 cm --> 22,4" long.
It also has a comfortable inner pocket for a cell phone (see pic 4). 100% handmade and unique accessory - hand felted and hand stitched by me.

понедельник, 12 декабря 2011 г.

Deep forest

A couple of capelets, made of superfine Australian merino, decorated with two bluish gray buttons. They're opening the "Woodland" collection in various shades of green. Touchingly feminine, innocent silhouette and proper warmth of the best quality merino wool. 
Approximate measurements: 
ruffled one is 46 cm --> 18,1" wide, fits sizes up to 46 RUS (40 EUR, 12 USA), size S-M;
the one with fleece curls is 39 cm --> 15,3" wide, fits sizes up to 46 RUS (40 EUR, 12 USA), size S-M.

Curly cowls ("The philosophy of fleece") 2

"The philosophy of fleece" collection.
This is a series of cozy cowl neckwarmers, made of superfine Australian merino wool and decorated with  hand dyed fleece locks. Looks gorgeous with chunky sweaters, fur boots or uggs; it will keep one warm and protected against the wind in almost any weather, except pouring rain - it's very tightly felted hence drizzle and snow resistant. All the materials I've used fot creating this pieces are 100% natural, including the soap they were wet felted with. Unique, 100% handmade, one of a kind, soft and superwarm accessories.

Approximate measurements for all three: 28x30 cm --> 11"x11,8".


"Leith walk"

And my favorite one: "Lettuce", merino + layers of mulberry silk threads on both sides (in fact, the cowl's double sided) = smooth, shiny and delicate texture. Lovely.

понедельник, 5 декабря 2011 г.

Fields of Dublin

This is a rather big wearable "canvas" with a dreamy landscape... Who's going to make the bright blue sky above Dublin, with those cute lamb-like clouds... who but me?.. The picturesque, colorful and large (really large) scarf, made to order for Lisa A., who lives relatively close to Dublin :)
50" long x 20" wide; made of superfine soft merino, decorated with dyed fleece curls.