среда, 30 ноября 2011 г.

Last year's leaves shawl, shiny tussah silk and lace

This is an absolutely magnificent handmade wrap shawl (or a large scarf)  in delicate rust ginger, chestnut and oatmeal gray, made of Brithish Bluefaced Leicester breed wool, decorated all over with thick layers of tussah silk threads on both sides. It has a smooth shiny texture, is extremely thin and lightweight, easy to drape. The shawl is double sided so it can be worn in different ways, one side is in fine rust ginger color, another's in oatmeal gray; it also has a fringe of delicate chestnut color lace.
The lace was felted together with the wool, so this shawl is totally seamless.
Extremely warm, fine and elegant at the same time. Unique and one of a kind.

Approximate measurements: 155x35 cm --> 61"x13,7".

воскресенье, 27 ноября 2011 г.

Of a tree huggers and polar explorers

Two scarves opening the "Watercolor" collection, one cold and icy - another is hot and tropical :) They both are decorated with lovely curly fleece locks and hand dyed tussah and mulberry silk threads. "Rainforest" measures approximately  130x30 cm --> 51,1"x11,8" without curls.

"Aurora borealis" is a tiny bit bigger,  131x35 cm --> 51,5"x13,7" without curls.


Dandelion valley

This is a beautiful picturesque wet felted scarf made of superfine Italian merino and decorated with Mulberry silk threads, tencel threas and silkworm cocoons. Very lightweight, soft and pleasant to touch. All the materials I've used are 100% natural and eco friendly, including the olive soap this piece was wet felted with. Tender and dreamy.
Approximate measurements: 128x38 cm --> 50,3"x14,9".

Night over the town winter cityscape

This is a long warm woolen art scarf, made of 100% superfine Italian merino wool and decorated with tencel threads. Winter dresses the town up in festive fluffy white for the Christmas, night windows twinkle like fairy lights. Thin, soft, elegant and pleasant to touch accessoire, absolutely unique.

Approximate measurements: 181x30 cm --> 71,2"x11,8".

Curly cowls ("The philosophy of fleece")

Part of "The philosophy of fleece" collection. Two loop collar scarves decorated with splendid fleece curls. Approximate size - 32-34x34 cm., square.

-- Those are undyed white wensleydale fleece locks wet felted together with lovely chocolate color alpaca wool. Alpaca is usually extra soft and tender, but also might be hairy. This one has a thick layer of golden tussah silk on it so it's texture becomes smooth and shiny. Both scarves are seamless.

-- This one is made of extrafine Itaian merino, with hand dyed - absolutely lovely! - long and shiny wensleydale curls. The blue ones reach length up to 15 cm. Decorated with multicolor woolen yarn on the outside. Wild and adorable.

пятница, 4 ноября 2011 г.

"Finnish winter" set in oatmeal and mild milky white

I suppose it'd be a perfect gift for Father Christmas to feel warm and cozy all through his most busy time of the year. A pair of handmade wet felted winter gear. All pure raw and natural, thick and superwarm, they are made of undyed british BFL (bluefaced leicester sheep) and South American breeds sheep wool, in the oatmeal and mild milky white colors.
Perfect for skiing, skating, snowball bombing and other winter outdoor activities, as an ideal protection from wind, frost and snow (very tightly felted hence snow resistant!). Cute hand felted handmade pompons are fun and look like snowballs or bunches of frozen winter berries or mistletoe.

The scarf fixes with a small "tail" which goes through the hole, so it sits comfortably and doesn't throw open (there're two holes for different sizes or preferences).

Approximate measurements: 177x30 cm ---> 69,6"x11,8" with the tail.
Pompons are approximately 2,5 cm ---> just about 1 inch.

Mittens measurements: 26 cm long 11 cm wide ---> 10,2" long 4,3" wide. Size XS-S,
fit palm girth up to 22 cm --> 8,6" (measuring without thumb).