среда, 10 августа 2011 г.

Lazy summer alpaca wool tote bag

...Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee ;)

This one of a kind bag is wet felted* out of alpaca wool of the natural white colour. Has chiffon silk layer inside, organically rubbed into the wool.
Pictures of butterflies are on both sides, they’re woolen as well, decorated with silk threads; wooden handles attached to the bag with colourful braids. Very hairy and easy going :^)
Measurements: 43 cm wide x 44 cm tall (16,9 inches wide x 17,3 inches tall).

*This process involves using wool roving - merino, alpaca, or might be as well of some other animal, some blends of various colours, raw wool curls, silk threads - laying out the roving in thin layers in the desired shape, wetting it with soapy water, rolling it in a towel or bamboo rug and rubbing and rolling by hand to shape the felt. Takes lots of strenght, yep ;)

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