суббота, 3 сентября 2011 г.

Delicate grassy light green bloomy handbag with a stylized decorative pocket

A little fresh spring breeze in the beginning of autumn :) Pretty and lightweight weekend handbag for pleasant outings with friends.
The whole bag is seamless, including the inner pockets -- one small for a cell phone, lipstick etc. and one big.
Decorated with white 3D flowers in a bowl and organically "felted-in" delicate lace (just by rubbing it with hand so it gets strongly attached to the wool without using any strings). 
Approximate measurements: 40x35 cm -- 15,7"x13,7".
This bag is made of Troitskaya wool (the locally manufactured Russian roving), flowers are made of white Italian merino, with tiny water drop beads sewed on them in the middle.

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