понедельник, 30 апреля 2012 г.

Moroccan sun-set

Silk, warm and whimsical. This picturesque scarf is made of pure silk and soft superfine Merino wool, combined in wonderful texture. The scarf is pretty lightweight, yet amazingly warm and cozy, would make a perfect accessory for chilly summer evenings. It contains rich palette of reds, raspberry, claret and scarlet, touches of purple and rust, shimmering threads of gold and strokes of bright blue. Easy to drape.
The framed purse is made of sturdy and durable German Falkland wool and decorated with bright red and golden yellow viscose threads. The purse has lovely scarlet satin lining. Soft, nice and pleasant to touch. Perfectly matches the scarf. An absolutely unique accessory, 100% made by hand.

Purse measurements: 29x42 cm --> 11,4"x16,5".

Scarf measurements: 127x40 cm --> 50"x15,7".

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