суббота, 15 декабря 2012 г.

Here it comes... a GIVE-AWAY from Warm Feet Felt!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! I’m so excited!

The New Year is around the corner. There’s holly on the doors, tinsel on the trees and flickering of candle lights in the windows. So much festivity 
in the air... and, on top of that, I am starting a CHRISTMAS LOTTERY!

The winner will get one of those beautiful scarves FOR FREE (you choose which one!)
Why not get one of those unique garments as a gift for Christmas?

So, if you want to participate, here’re the rules: you share my Facebook post with your friends out there on Facebook


and leave a comment with your name, so I can put you on record of participants. On December 23rd I will write all your names on tiny sheets of paper and pick the winner randomly. Then I’ll send off the winner's scarf from London via Royal Mail (I ship at my expense).

Go ahead, share and comment!
Julia xx


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