воскресенье, 21 апреля 2013 г.

Laura and Cheryl

Some time ago I decided to create a couple of eco cushion covers. My goal was not to make just any old cushion cover, but something special, something that anyone would like to spend a lot of time with when resting at home, whether reading a book or having a nap. I believe I’ve achieved what I wanted thanks to the purity of the materials I’ve chosen.

(And yeah, I gave them names... this is Laura, made from BFL and a variety of silk, flax and hemp fibres).

The creation turned out to be true cushion covers for enjoyment. Being big and 100% wollen, they feel almost like something alive and cuddly. They’re made from undyed British Bluefaced Leicester and super thick Merino wool and decorated with a variety of undyed fibres. Don't fade, naturally moisture resistant. 

(This is Cheryl, made from sturdy chocolate brown Merino and decorated with lovely natural golden seacell fibres).

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