пятница, 12 октября 2012 г.

"London" vest

After beating around a bush for some time, I had finally decided to make a vest. Yes, it was not an easy decision after being stuck mainly in accessories :-) Making clothes seemed to be an entirely new dimension to me. It was not easy to choose a color either -- first I considered gray, then green... And then the weather started getting colder and colder. 
Spontaneously, having stumbled upon a lovely beige piece of silk in the felting supplies shop, I bought it together with beige wool roving perfectly matching it, kick-starting thus the process of creating this vest. 
I find this color extremely charming! It is so simple and bright, with a slight shade of peach pink to it. The vest appears very minimalistic, without any decor, adorned just with delicate silk lining on the inside.

Fits sizes 44-46 rus (38-40 eur). Made out of superfine Merino wool and 
hand dyed Margilan silk.

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